Onychomycosis laser therapy

I not much of an expert in onychomycosis, but have been following the debate and discussions on onychomycosis laser therapy. The laser for onychomycosis is new and expensive. Several devices have now been approved by the FDA as safe. In promotion of this method, it is interesting how that approval is being linked to the efficacy of the method when it does not. There have been no independent clinical trials on the method to compare it to placebo or the current topical or oral medication used, yet some extraordinary claims are made for how effective it is. All the research at the moment is some unpublished small clinical outcome studies done by the companies – this is the basis of the claims! My interest in not really if onychomycosis laser is effective or not, its watching how this technology develops and the claims made for. The pattern is similar to what has happened in the past with other new high tech treatments. They all eventually found their place, but none lived up to the hype and touting of how good they were. Surely alarm bells should start ringing when You Tube videos on onychomycosis laser start appearing to tout the method. The insurance companies are not covering the cost as they consider it still experimental.

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