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Severs Disease

At the moment working on resources for the students for Severs Disease;

Drawing a lot from Podiatry Arena
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and questions at the Foot Health Forum:
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ePodiatry has a good lay description on Severs Disease.
Heel cups for severs disease are a common treatment.

Passing of a friend

I was enjoying my holiday in Bright with the family on the last day of 2010, when a text turned up on my phone. A colleague and friend had passed away. I had to ring Peter to find out more. It was a real downer and had a big impact on me. I started a thread on Podiatry Arena on Graham Curryer and went for a beer in his honour. He and I have shared many a beer, as recently as September in Toronto. What a way to end the year. The tributes posted on Podiatry Arena by others says a lot.