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Poking fun at Chi Runners

There are many different running forms or techniques out there such a natural running, pose running, evolution running, barefoot running and Chi running. Those into chi running are the most easy to ridicule and poke fun at as they get it wrong so often. They make up stuff to support there particular approach to running; they lie about the research; they criticize research they don’t like for the most trivial things (eg the sample size is too small when its not), yet blindly accept other research without criticism when its suits their agenda (eg see this one with a sample size of only 6!). I have done a previous rant about chi running and ridiculed the latest chi running book. I even did a Chi running course to learn more about it!


Chi running technique may or may not be a good way for some people to run. But if it is, the fan boys that promote it have to stop making fools of themselves with what they claim and opening the door to being ridiculed!