Cracked Heels

One somewhat disadvantage of having a profile online is that I make comments on a lot of issues at places like Podiatry Arena (see my profile) and I get emails and phone calls about conditions that I may not necessarily know a lot about, but I just happened to make a comment on it. Unfortunately I have to ignore most as I just do not have the time and am not resourced to deal with them. Often though I will just refer them to the Foot Health Forum and they should be able to get help there.

The most recent email I got was about cracked heels! (not even close to my area of expertise!). Not sure what they were expecting. ePodiatry has a good resource and explanation on Cracked Heels. There is info on the Foot Health Forum on Cracked Heels and if you need help, take your cracked heels to my wife’s clinic. There are some other resources here, here, here and here on this.

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