Foot Detoxing

I can’t believe that so many people are that gullible that they fall for the foot detox scam and I can’t believe that so many keep a straight face when they try and sell it. But it is selling well!

A foot detox is a bowl of water with some pads through which pass a small ion charge. You put the feet in the water and this is supposed to help rid the body of toxins. The evidence that it is doing this is the change in colour of the water as the foot detox takes place. It has been well demonstrated in a number of you tube videos that this foot detox is a scam. The water will even change colour if the feet are not even immersed in it.

The foot detox is really resting on the body detox movement and all of its dubious claims made for it.

Don’t fall for the foot detox scam.

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