This is the professional blog site of Craig Payne where I post some topic and issues and what is happening in the different projects that I am working on.

Some of my projects:
Run Research Junkie. This is my blog on all the latest research on running, running shoes, running injury and running technique. I try to spin it differently than other typical running sites.
Podiatry Arena. I am the admin and moderator at Podiatry Arena. This is a popular online forum for podiatrists and other health professionals. It is the most visited podiatry site on the web.
Foot Health Forum. The Foot Health Forum is for those with foot problems to ask questions and for health professionals to answer and for user to share their experiences.
PodChatLive This is a weekly livestreeam that I co-host with Ian Griffiths. It is livestrems to facebook and then added to YouTube. Its also available as a podcast.
Podiatry Fireside Summit. This is a 24 hour livestream podiatry conference that I ran!
Its a Foot Captain, but not as you know it. This is my sckeptical blog, where I comment on a number of poidtaty and sceince related topics
Podiatry Soapbox. This is currently under construction, but is my attempt at a video/TV channel featuring the rants of myself and other about podiatry related topics.
Podiatry PDQ. This si my book on podiatry facts. I tried to distill all podiatric knowledge down into a small a piece of work as possible.
Podiatry Experts. This is a Q & A site in which people with foot problems can get answers about what is bothering them.
Podiatry CPD. This is one of my business sites. It offers paid online continuing professional education on a number of topics.
Podiatry TV. Thsi is my colection of You Tube videos on a whole range of podiatry related topics that are organized into a number of categories.
PodiaPedia. This is a new project and is the podiatry equivalent of Wikipedia. It has only just started and a lot more work needs to be done.
Podiatry Update. This was my very first blog starting in 2003! Its been there for over 10 years now. How many have been blogging for that long?
Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp. This is the website of the courses that I run on foot biomechanics, foot orthotics, running technique and running injury.
Diabetic Foot. My initial research interets were on the complications of the diabetic foot. I still blog about new research here from time to time.

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